8,000-Year-Old Atlal Head Found in Gator’s Stomach | Outdoor Life

How artifacts wound up in the belly of this giant gator is unknown…

An 8,000-year old dart point, an unfired modern bullet, and a “plummet” that was made 3,800-years ago were all found in two Mississippi alligators…

Shane Smith, owner of Red Antler Processing in Yazoo City, Mississippi, had heard tales about big gators having unusual items in their stomachs. He had heard one story of metal dog tags being found inside an old gator. The tags were believed to have come from deer hounds the gators ate when they ventured too close to the water’s edge.

On Sept. 10, hunters brought a pair of Mississippi gators in for processing. Smith examined the stomach of a massive 13-foot, 5-inch, 750-pound gator and discovered what he thought was a broken stone arrowhead, and a tear-drop shaped object so heavy he thought it was a lead weight, according to a report in the Jackson, Mississippi Clarion-Ledger.

After showing a photo of the objects to an expert, Smith was stunned at what he learned.

A plummet (left) and broken atlatl head were found inside a big gator…

More about this Alligator in the link below…


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