Hiking with dogs in nature

Welcome to my web Blog Blessings be on you 🙏 breathing deep clean air getting away from the hustle and bustles of your life hiking with dogs in nature… Spiritual Enhance your life hiking… Today was great hike weather was mildly at 84 with the index of 90, 90% humidity with little winds at 5 to 7 miles per hour got 2.3 miles good brisk walk well here are some Beautiful pictures from my journeys through Coppell Nature Park in Coppell Texas… Well its that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails… 👣

Trail marker

3 thoughts on “Hiking with dogs in nature

  1. Ciao
    Complimenti per il tuo blog,
    Mi piace molto.
    Ti seguo da poco tempo e con piacere
    Anche se hai tantissimi followers
    Spero che farai visita al mio blog e che lo seguirai anche tu.
    Ti auguro una buona serata
    A presto
    Piacere di conoscerti

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    1. Thank you for joining us this is great I’LL follow you your nice webBlog Is awesome I appreciate the support I welcome you As a friend thank you BLESSINGS be on you and Blessings on your wellbeing Spiritual Enlightenment 🙏 please thank you


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