Cottonmouths have been miscast in tall tales, says Arlington expert | GreenSource DFW

This video examples are very funny must watch…

The snakes’ aggressiveness has been greatly exaggerated, says Arlington-based reptile expert Micheal Smith. Photo by Michael Smith. Michael Smith photographs a cottonmouth. Photo by Carl Franklin.

Don’t know if you shouldn’t worry about stepping on one they get mad when steped on really worry about this article being miss leading be careful when you’re close to nature don’t let your guard down because don’t forgetting this man works with snakes all the time…

An episode in The Lonesome Dove, a fellow falls into a river and is immediately attacked by a swarm of snakes. Many people tell a similar story, of some poor soul who falls into a “nest” of cottonmouths and dies from hundreds of venomous bites. Boaters and fishermen will also tell you that this snake will chase you down the dock or away from your fishing spot. What a monster it must be! 

The cottonmouth, or “water moccasin,” is a chunky snake of marshes, rivers and nearby bottomland forests. I have met many of these serpents in my wanderings as a naturalist and have never been attacked. In fact, bites from cottonmouths are not common, according to Andrew Price’s excellent field guide Venomous Snakes of Texas,  and death from snake bite is rare. 

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