Freedom False flags

Are you free lets ask what is freedom and how can you be free Are freedoms of amendments they take your rights away from you They’re stripping the 2nd amendments is this A false flag to run gun control And other agendas the GOP or the left wing Radicali who watches who freedom of rights they want to take your freedoms away from you far away from you as they live high-and-mighty eating steak lobster making the rules of new world order again rights are non existent They are using our planet as there playground for their own agendas we are their cattle and we are being bred for slavery money is their only priority to get more as the rich get paid as the poor and lowerclass are not thay make your money as the poor person who has been washed away in order to build their business and factories as the poor and weak are their products We are dumb down into a denial mode shameless We are Dooming ourselves To live together the new normal system broken down none existent They control over your mind they keep you down and out of their way don’t worry they know the truth is that they are wrong we are the people and we will be victorious just have to wake-up…

Wake up America whats next for us home of the brave and the free…

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