Global economy crisis

What’s up next in the near Horizon new oil crisis power crisis human life crisis where is your soul and how long will it take when we can get by with out fossil fuels climate crisis and the world used the back up lies on your wellbeing remember they have the control they are your owners we are their products as long as they live high-and-mighty on their own agendas we are being Stripped of rights they want you to believe that they did this in your best interest but they have their hands on them even as we speak about this they are making their rules of new world order Begins UN agenda are before us they Whant you to believe that they help but they don’t want you to know the truth Global economy crisis has come from the warning signs of things whistleblowers control, Government issue’s are struggling with ideas and guidelines of the unknown global economy system broken down none existent… The human stage for a new world order again rights are non existent… This song has played The Gig Is Up as they say and global melt down is in the makeup of this plandemic in plandemic process they have their agendas marked Achieved as well the power crisis, human beings rights crisis, and their propagandist war to comes from their own actions as The War Pig’s need the power as long as they live as rich as high-and-mighty eating steak lobster making the rules of new world order… Are more than theory its A Warning for human rights are non existent, They control over Media control Persuade Tech companies Twitter, Facebook and other companies associated with their lies… stage unknown story behind this conspiracy why they have their agendas Achieved we are their products We are dumb down into a sleep state Getting further into a denial mode shameless We are Dooming ourselves To live together the new order Begins evil agenda were they control over your land and Seize your personal Property… You are living in the new order… More then often the poor and lowerclass and weak are sweeped under the rug… what happened to human rights, They are in the wrong, We are being Stripped of rights they want you to believe the lies giving by your owners don’t ask you can’t know that’s how they want it…

More about facts on this article’s read articles and see what you think if its worth visiting these articles

‘A perfect storm’: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course

From Liverpool to LA, shortages of energy, labour and transport are threatening recovery from Covid

Global economic recovery threatens to leave many developing countries behind

The past few months have brought a string of upbeat news on the global economy, suggesting a vigorous recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. World merchandise trade has soared and is already well above the pre-pandemic level (figure 1). Similarly, global industrial production has seen a V-shaped recovery since the middle of last year. The prices of key raw materials, such as copper, iron ore and lumber, reached record levels in the second quarter of 2021. Crude oil prices climbed to a 2-year high above $70 per barrel in June. Meanwhile, capital flows to developing countries have rebounded since late 2020, driven by extraordinarily accommodative monetary conditions, abundant global liquidity, and strong risk appetite among investors.

Human being rights are non existent….

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