Nature Preserve Hiking with dogs in nature

Howdy partner welcome back to nature Spiritually inlighten your life hiking with dogs in nature, Today was extraordinary 👌 good outdoors experience and the dogs were very excited about the hike got 3.8 miles with 2 brakes and chilling out with dogs in nature… Blessings be on your wellbeing and Spiritual uplifting your life hiking with dogs in nature Hope you enjoy my Photos Hiking riverside Bird’s Fort Trail, Campion Trail, Irving, TX… weather was good 👍 85 with little winds at 6 miles per hour excellent experience lots of birds and some wildlife nature pictures Well here are some Beautiful Amateur Pictures of my journeys through nature please make comments about your time hiking with family and friends and dogs in nature… blessings be on you bless… 🙌 🙏 well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails… 👣

Nature Preserve Hiking and hiking with dogs in nature Bird’s Fort Trail #01–11A9abRQ

Map of Bird’s Fort Trails Irving Texas…
Map of the historic Texas trails…

Map of the historic Texas trails from 1716 to 1886, showing cattle trails, roadways, and American Indian trails. The map also includes major towns, county lines, bodies of water, crossings, and trading posts. No scale indicated.

The earliest routes used by Texas inhabitants followed natural features, such as rivers and ridge lines and connected travelers to natural resources and trade opportunities.

Glory to God

Glory To the lord 🙏 bless you and yours spiritual uplifting feeling from Hiking today Happy trails let’s pray bow your heads please 🙏

I pray that not only my words and deeds are pleasing to You, but also the thoughts of my heart and the motives behind my thoughts are filtered through the Word of God, and tested by the indwelling Holy Spirit day by day.

I ask this in Jesus’ name,

A men.


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