Short story

Dark room

You wake in a Dark room its black you want to move

But your not able to process your mind starts to race as you try

To talk and your lips move but you don’t hear yourself

you yell but no sounds are heard you start to sweat out every part of your body

you try to sit up but your not able to make a move

as you start to realize that you are not seeing hearing or making any noise also can’t make a move

You start to shake but your not able

You feel alone with out hope

In your mind you think that you ponder what happened

you see the people who could of known better

But it doesn’t matter

At this point who will miss you

At once


The Door opens the light’s comes in contact

As the room fills up with light

Hope is back

As you wake up and you can see again and hear also your voice

Rubbing our eyes to wake up

Thank God Im alive every day

Copyright ©️

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