Nuclear-Powered Earth 300 Will Be World’s Biggest Yacht and Scheduled for 2025 – autoevolution

Working together for the world.

I love too be one of the 160…

Earth 300 represents an unparalleled opportunity for academia and private enterprise to collaborate on the most pressing challenges of our time. We’re bringing 160 of the brightest minds into our Science Sphere and equipping them with a level of technology never before seen on an ocean-going research vessel.

A new dawn is coming, one where humans are more in tune with the Earth we inhabit. One team looking to help our species along on this endeavor is Earth 300 Ventures, a group of scientists, designers, engineers, architects, and visionaries seeking to be the cleaner and more integrated change we seek for this world…

The future is here 🙌

This team is looking to bring about a cleaner and greener future for this planet with the Earth 300 Superyacht. The result is a 300-meter (984-foot) ship made not only to travel the world on sight-seeing tours but also to act as the ultimate “next-generation” habitat for “state-of-the-art science at sea.”

Earth 300

So what exactly is Earth 300? Well, simply put, it’s a superyacht that’s meant to travel the seven seas, and while doing so, will act as a place of living, study, work, play, and rest for a handful of scientists that are all looking to understand the universe we live in… Read more about this article in the link below…

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