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Hello and welcome back to nature Spiritually inlighten your life hiking with dogs in nature… Blessings be on you and yours spiritual uplifting feeling from Hiking with nature on natural trails adventure in nature Today was extraordinary good outdoors experience open trails fresh breezes feeling great about the hike really relaxing hike and the Dog is injoying the hiking as well ran in to some wildlife snakes crossing the trails freaked out a little bit… Weather was mildly hot high humidity 78% with temperatures at 87 low to no index heat with high winds 15 to 16 per hour and the wetlands trails are very muddy but made the best of it here at Clear creek Denton Texas Nature heritage center trails hiking 4.7 miles great time was spent with dog in nature Sunny Jack took the day off today well he is getting old he is 17 years old sometimes he needs a day or two off he can’t take the 4 mile hike he is more of a 2 or 3 mile hike dog… Brutus is a 5 year-old young dog he can hike 9 to 10 miles… Well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails…👣

Wetlands area clear creek Denton Texas Nature heritage center trails swampy land Wetlands area

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

By Henry David Thoreau

A Prayer About Nature And God’s Creation

Loving Father and Creator of all, we come to you today deeply grateful for your creation.

As we look around us we are amazed at the greatness and majesty of all that you have made.

Nature around us speaks of your greatness—the vast expanse of the sky, the mountains, trees, lakes, and streams speak of your great design.

You have given us such beauty in the colors of the rainbow, the beauty of flowers and fields.

Words cannot adequately express the magnificence of all you have created.

We join in praise with the writer of the psalms when he says, “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the Earth.”

May we show our love and reverence to you, our Lord, by caring for all that you have created.

We humbly give you praise and thanks.


Deep thought with the Lord God…

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