The Foxx Story

The Foxx and the hole

The Foxx and the hole Starts on a regular farm in the Midwest area the farmer don’t want the Foxx’s around in more so the farmer put foxx traps out and picks up the fox to dispose the Foxx carcassess The Fox know his hole family is missing and he can’t find them anywhere He looked in the Barnes red barn he looked in you looked in the a he looked in the cabbage field he looked in the Chad’s field he looked in the buckwheat field but he couldn’t find them that’s a sad starting to a story as he looked and looked he was confused and lost his mind could not understand why the fox cages are all over with a nice juice steak yummy but im fastest fox around noone can beat me as a tiny little the smart bunny rabbit was in the foxx hole the foxx said The rabbit tells the Foxx the news and gives him the daily gossip about the trees Squirrels could not find nuts they’re denied by the Trees the trees want to go get a Otter lawyer…. As they try to break the Foxx down and make him want to eat the stakes in the cage The rabbit goes on and on about this nature park has groundhogs gangsters thugs of the Midwest as The animals kingdom had a meeting with the dogs about this situation Rabbit started to make him self at home with kicked back in foxx’s rocking chair the foxx proclaims my grandfather made me that how dear you go set on it keep off my favorite Furniture now hop off don’t you have things to do and more importantly things as in Clear some of your lies up I can’t believe Redd killed all those chicken’s in the chicken pin Smat rabbit proclaims Foxx look up to the hole just as a huge dog sniffing around looking for some reason sniff sniff sniff sniffing as it gets colder in the foxx’s hole as the dog breathing deep in the stink of the foxx den and then Barks really loud as there is a thud in the woods as shadow’s are moving around a human approaches the Man tells the Dog Good Boy you found the Foxx hole Baxter stay Boy watch over the hole. Just as think is the foxx hole doomed by the human man about to plow the foxx hole down and kill all of us as Foxx start to sweat uncontrollable as he struck with fear starts to pace the floor of the Den. Just As Smart Bunny says we have a deal with dogs watch as he shout out hey Bax its me Smart just let us out and we can talk with the kingdom for a little reward for your so kind jesters please Bax your a good hounddog… Baxter looks in the hole just as he thinks he tilts his head side to side and says OK alright I’ll do it… part 2 coming soon

Story By Ben

Copyright ©️

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