The Foxx and the hole

Part Two of four short storys

The Fox hole Baxter stay at edge of the hole and help the Smart bunny rabbit outside the hole The Foxx proclaims the Den is doomed Just then the Smart bunny rabbit tells the Foxx doomed by the human man about to plow the foxx hole hum we are in quite a predicament indeed, We’re all we need is water to flood the hole it will dry up says the smart rabbit it will dry up and not have any more water and not be proud because the cloud well neer by it will be jammed the plow by mud Smart Bunny rabbit you’re brilliant said the Foxx as Baxter and Smart Bunny rabbit grabbed a bucket of water form the neer by cloud water well As the Fox still pacing outside of his den says this plan better work as they start pouring buckets of water into the den slowly the Den fills up with water… As a big bang as the plow is coming and chatting as the humans are approaching fast said the Smart bunny rabbit hide the buckets in the bushes Foxx run on down fast to the mill valley road by the old Dobbs house ok Foxx… What a wonderful idea Is to flood my house The Foxx thinking to himself… He starts running fast Just as the humans come and Baxter lookScared as the human man approaches what tha f♡ck, Baxter what did I tell you to stay and watch over the hole just how did this happen as Baxter looks away from the hostile humans backhand wave close to Baxter starts to look at the ground… He looks back to the Smart Bunny rabbit and he starts to Freeks Out You’re extreme barking and goes to look at see what hes barking at and sees the Bunny rabbit running the human man Grabs his pistol in one hand human man As the man jumps the Bush And run towards the rabbit in the woods the rabbit runs, “run Rabbit Run” Thanks Baxter Baxter Bastard Dog, “The Kingdom Of wildlife” will find out about this Bax Smart Bunny rabbit proclaims as he is struck by a ricochet bullet And hops to a Bush to avoid being seen starts to Freek Out and licking his wounds as the blood is starting to clotting he feels scared and cold… part 3 coming soon

Fox running in Nature photo gallery Getty Images
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