Hiker shares warning after stepping on potential booby trap – KRDO

Biking trails Beware 👣
Spikes and nails for Booby trap

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – A man is warning hikers and cyclists to stay vigilant after he says he found several wooden planks with dozens of sharp nails hidden along a trail in Colorado Springs.

Omg 😲

Cameron Pflieger’s mother, Anna, originally posted photos of the nails and described the scene in a post on Nextdoor, which garnered hundreds of reactions.

Pflieger says the incident happened at the end of a trail behind Golden Hills Park on the city’s northwest side. The trail comes to an end at some railroad tracks, and a large drainage tunnel.

According to Pflieger, he found seven planks with nails sticking out of them, sharp side up, hidden under leaves near the tunnel. The planks were also being held in place by large rocks.

“I discovered them by stepping on one,” said Pflieger. “I dug them all up, there were about seven boards in total, and I ended up throwing them away. [I] took a couple of pictures and went and told my mom after that.”

About a week later, Pflieger was walking along that trail again and discovered about 10 more planks he says weren’t there the first time… More about this article in the link below…


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