Dan Roebuck Has Been Preparing His Whole Life to Play Grandpa in Rob Zombie’s The Munsters

Production is underway on Rob Zombie’s new take on The Munsters, and actor Dan Roebuck has opened up on what it’s like to step in as the new Grandpa Munster. Originally played by Al Lewis on the classic television series, Grandpa is a version of Count Dracula, having since settled down with his family of various monsters. It’s apparently a role Roebuck has been waiting his whole life to play and his experience in joining The Munsters appears to be a dream come true.

Grandpa is unhappy and threatens to leave home. A family of friendly monsters having misadventures and never quite understanding why people react to them so strangely.

In a new interview with Horror Geek Life, Roebuck has a lot to say about The Munsters Movie. He obviously can’t indulge any specific information about the plot, or anything else not yet confirmed by Rob Zombie. Roebuck can talk about what it feels like to play such an iconic character, however. Detailing how he got the offer personally from Zombie one day out of the blue, the actor describes how accepting was a no-brainer as he’s basically been working toward this role ever since he was a child… More about this article in the link below…


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