Nature hiking in the darkness

Welcome back to nature Spiritual uplifting your wellbeing hiking with dogs in nature… Blessings be on you and yours hope your Day is going well and you are doing well blessings be on you.. Hiking Creepy woods shadow’s from duendes moving from tree to another tree creepy sounds like woodland creatures moving around was cold tonight 56 with 10 to 12 miles per hour 😳 creepy woods At Pilot Knoll Trails Argyle, TX it sounds like cat sounds moving with you in the woods shadow’s in the darkness 😳 got 3 miles in the creepy woods great time got a couple pictures of the darkness injoy the pictures please help my journeys in nature By giving a Gift 🎁… And feel free to give me advice gide my journeys through nature… please help nature keep trails clean don’t leave a mark on it please pick up your trash on trails water bottles and snack wrappers for the love of nature and natural trails… Tell us about your experiences in nature here in comments… Blessings be on your wellbeing remember life is what you make it… Well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails…👣

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