Music & Movie Flash Back 1987

You remember your favorite movie or music as a kid summer nights at the local pool or the beach those days long ago but remember when you were younger food tastes good and life was a better place. Ronald Wilson Reagan and the Iran-Contra affair hearing was going on something about A Deal hostage for guns or something… The average cost for gasoline $1.06 average price of a stamp 22 cents and the average price for a ticket to the movies Is $3.85 the average cost of a price of a loaf of bread Is $1.08 The average house cost $92.000.00 Is average household income Is $24000…

The world population was at 5 billion

Popular Slang used in 1987

“Gag me with a spoon” = Gross or nasty brings puke up to look at it…

“Don’t have a cow” = Don’t get emotionally upset…

Example: “I’m just teasing you. Don’t have a cow, Dude!”

No duh = Saying something obvious..

Example: “Do you think growing a rat tail was maybe not the best look for me?” “Um, no duh.”

Dude = man or buddy

Example: You’re cool dude…

Butter = its smooooth…

Example: “Naw, Dude, you gotta peg your pants. That’s butter!”

Word = Right on. or “I agree.”

Example: “That movie was terrible.” “Word?” “Word.”

Totally awesome = Is radical…

Example: “Like a really totally awesome superlative, like, radical and bitchin’ and tubular.”

Choice = is a sign of approval and possibly even envy.

Example: “Your mullet is looking choice today, my man.”

I love my MTV = injoying MTV

It’s a way for the conglomerance to get more money so you have to get cable and get MTV…

Top TV shows

The Bill Cosby family show : Sitcom dealing with family situations

It’s a different world : Is about the struggle of living in college…

Cheers : It’s about a bar that people get drunk in…

The golden girls : A hilarious group of old ladies talking about their old time…

Walking Around with A members only jacket or Acid washed Blue Jean jacket with big gigantic Hair dews With your cool Oakley glasses on Or wayfair glasses polo Shirt And acid wash jeans or Jordache jeans, with big Reebok high tops And never forget the bandana gotta have that bandana, You are styling and GQ…

If you tell me who this band name is which I know who it is you can tell me who this is in the comments I have free iPads to give out so make sure you join by giving a Is donation gift of $20 or more special gifts This will give you full membership and you’ll be able to make this comment and win free ipods They used to come on on a Saturday morning show and it’s something you can eat in Spanish…

Free 80s wallpaper…


You know you have that yearbook…
“Member only jacket I’d hate to be the last member”…
Boy George
Boy George Sold

Top of the Box office Movies of the year 1987

Good morning Vietnam
Beverly Hills cop 2
Lethal weapon

Music video pop hits in the 80s

Number one : Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

The Bangles Walk like a Egyptian live video
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Depeche Mode Strangelove.

Dire Straits Money for nothing music

INXS Need You Tonight
Guns and roses Sweet Child O Mine

Top Heavy metal from the 1987

Anthrax – Among The Living.
King Diamond Abigail.
Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1.
Guns ‘N Roses – Appetite For Destruction.
Death – Scream Bloody Gore.

The current events of the time included an Amtrak train crash, the Iran-Contra affair, the Unabomber bombing Salt Lake City and the Black Monday stock market crash on October 19th…

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