DARPA Program Aims to Develop Fundamentals of Biomanufacturing in Space – Global Biodefense

Credit: DARPA

The B-SURE (Biomanufacturing: Survival, Utility, and Reliability beyond Earth) program will leverage biological processes in resource limited environments.

Imagine you are going to space. There is a long list of items and supplies you will definitely need, but there is an even longer list of things you might need, depending on how your mission progresses. The current paradigm in space is to pack everything you might possibly need, but this approach is complex and logistically burdensome. Imagine instead that you pack only fermentation equipment, feedstocks, and a freezer full of microbes that each convert the feedstock into a different useful molecule, material, or product so you have everything you might need and can produce it on demand. This is the eventual goal of space biomanufacturing; bring the microbes and equipment you need to manufacture a wide range of raw materials or products that become critical during the course of the mission… Read more about this article in link below…


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