Watch “”Devil Comes Back to Georgia” feat. Mark O’Connor with Daniels, Cash, Tritt and Marty Stuart” on YouTube

R.I.P Johnny Cash

“Devil Comes Back to Georgia”

“Devil Comes Back to Georgia” feat. Mark O’Connor with Daniels, Cash, Tritt and Marty, Mark O’Connor Grammy nominated Heroes recording featuring 14 of his violin and fiddle playing heroes was released in 1992. The sequel to the original “Devil Comes Back to Georgia” was done here with an all star cast. Mark O’Connor plays Johnny’s fiddle solo and Marty Stuart is the voice of Johnny. Charlie Daniels plays the Devil’s fiddle solo and Travis Tritt is the voice of the Devil. Johnny Cash is the narrator who recalls this epic duel, “The Devil Comes Back to Georgia”.

REVIEW: “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” has long been a crowd pleaser since Charlie Daniels first unleashed it on the world 25 years ago. The musical folktale of the boy fiddler, Johnny, and his encounter with the Devil is a satisfying one because our hero, Johnny, whips the Devil in a fiddling contest, saving his soul and gaining a golden fiddle. Mark approached Charlie Daniels about doing a “sequel” and Charlie agreed, stipulating only that the Devil must lose again. Johnny Cash, the man in black himself, performs the “narration” of the sequel…

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