Texas Intensifies Its Fight Against “Zombie Deer Disease” – Texas Monthly

Getty Images

Do zombie deer foretell a Texas hunting apocalypse? It might be decades before we know. Yet the rise of chronic wasting disease—colloquially known as “zombie deer disease” because it infects the brains of deer, essentially turning them into the walking dead—is so alarming that officials with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are testing deer roadkill across the state and tightening regulations on commercial deer breeders in an all-out attempt to slow the spread.

There’s no cure for chronic wasting disease, or CWD. The nervous-system condition is similar to mad cow disease in cattle and scrapie in sheep and goats—and it’s always fatal. Infected deer can quietly spread the disease for two years before symptoms even appear. While deer in the late stages of CWD often look emaciated and behave erratically, infections leave the animals so weakened and vulnerable to predators that they typically die before external symptoms manifest themselves, making the spread of the disease difficult to control… Read more about this article in the link below…


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