Probably Putin is planning a attack

Meme By Ben Getty Images

Will Joe Biden get a backbone and force Russia not to attack the Ukraine and stop bullies like this… Russia knows we are thinned out with the tension in Taiwan and the China government using this as a global vulnerabilities ccp Is exploiting American effort fighting on two fronts they know we can’t even begin to get close enough to make a difference… Really realistically speaking we are It’s not even close…

Xi suggests sports can help foster better relationship between China and Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping supported Russian President Vladimir Putin in his push to get Western security guarantees precluding NATO’s eastward expansion, the Kremlin said Wednesday after the two leaders held a virtual summit.

Putin and Xi spoke as Moscow faces heightened tensions with the West over a Russian troop buildup near Ukraine’s border. In recent weeks, Western nations engaged in diplomatic efforts to prevent a possible invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin has denied harboring plans to storm its neighbor.

Putin, meanwhile, demanded guarantees that NATO will not expand to Ukraine or deploy troops and weapons there… Read Article link Is down below…

Putin and Xi held the sit-down amid heightened tensions between Moscow and Washington over the buildup of thousands of Russian troops on its Ukraine frontier…

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