Opinion zone Slam Damn

Slam Poetry, slam, bang Poetry

Bullying must stop ✋️

Please don’t take offense to this this is just bang poetry and feeling of expression slam

“If you are Offended Just Go away that’s all” Quote By Ben

I hate everything about you.

Twisted lies are

As you are Placing in my back the knife

I know you lie
Knife in the back

I am Surrounded by jerks

As you sprawling me

with your Surreal under Undertones

Now you made me the heel

As I crawl for you

As I Die for you

I hate having my Back up on the wall

I hate people who make you feel small

I hate having my back Against the wall

I hate having to haul you

I hate your rules

Hate being marked to taken as the fool that’s not cool

I hate when you make me recall you

Planet’s not big enough for me and you

But most of all I hate you

It’s A love hate thing Love you all…

Hatred is a natural instinct

Quote for the day

Harry Callahan © Stephan Brigidi. One of the foremost American photographers of the 20th century, Harry Callahan began his photographic career as an untrained amateur while working for the Chrysler Motor Parts Corporation in 1938.

Opinions are like assholes, everbody’s got one.

By Harry Callahan

Copyright information in file photo and documents show copyright ©️ http://www.Conspiracy.cool

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