Why Putin will not Attempt to Attack the Ukraine

Russia has the upper hand

Vladimir Putin President of Russia, Attention on keeping the peace till after the Olympics are over heated up till then a real hot war with NATO VS Russia for Dominancy they like to be dominant over the NATO’s power of the free world history tells us Russia the big giant Bullies on the world, Years ago the Communist goals have been given realistically strategies maybe we been fooled again chilling power struggles between the United States and Russia we have plenty of other things to focus on then this egotistical Russians that want to run the world and show dominance statistics say Russia world War 3 is coming soon forces U.S To react but most likely full attention we be a fails false flag false propaganda wars waging their agendas accidentally will escalate into World War III. Time is growing short that is all…

Make peace not war 🙏 😌

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