How Does Biden’s Cyber Order Apply to the DOD and Intelligence Agencies?

US Government issue’s How it works…

In January, President Joe Biden signed a memo clarifying how new cybersecurity rules affect the Defense Department and intelligence community.

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By their very nature, agencies within the Defense Department and the intelligence community handle much more sensitive information than civilian agencies.

So, it was not surprising when President Joe Bien issued a national security memorandum Jan. 19 clarifying how his May 2021 executive order applies to national security systems used by the DOD and intelligence agencies.

The memo spells out that such agencies must, like their civilian counterparts, update existing agency plans to prioritize the use of cloud tools and a shift to a zero-trust architecture. It also grants authority to the National Security Agency to issue binding operational directives for the DOD and intelligence agencies on cybersecurity issues… Read more about this article in the link below… What the DOD and Intelligence Agencies Must Do on Cybersecurity… More about this article in the link below…

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