Hiking with dogs in nature

Hello and Blessings be on your wellbeing… Great gorgeous day but extremely muddy trails didn’t get that far hiked 2.1 miles made the most of the trip hiking with dogs in nature Today was mildly warmer than expected it was 47 Degrees with low winds at 8 to 14 gusting feels like 37 not as bad as yesterday but was extremely over muddy trails got some good pictures from my journeys here in L.B Houston Trails Dallas, Texas Nature heritage hiking with dogs in nature… Not the best hike but the dogs was all about the muddy trails they were very excited about the hike but me not so much didn’t see much wildlife but we seen some birds Red Northern cardinal, Some Mockingbirds, and a big barn Owl that screamed and scared me and spooked the dogs got to the train tracks I know its really bad headache hikeing in muddy trails…

I am Nature’s WRath
I Nature wonders environmentally
I hear A Big Sound no one hears
I see wildlife on the forest ground
I want your Love
I am Nature
I pretend to Know everything
I feel saddened
I touch interested
I worry about Polluters
I cry Seeing trash like food rappers water bottles and snack wrappers on the ground pieces of lost trash somebody did not even care about it
I am Nature
I understand Nature is waiting for you
I say there’s a real Mother Nature she exist i mean I do exist as long as they care
I dream OF A clean WORLD
I try to Make the world better
I hope The WORLD can change
I am Nature – poetry By Ben

Well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again HappyNess hiking…👣

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