Why World War III will brake out all over if Russia attacks Ukraine

We have to say face Mr President Putin
Russia 🇷🇺

All Hell will brake out all over the world sweeping billions of people… The refugees will be in the billions… This catastrophe is on the way It’s inevitable if Russia attacks Ukraine the United States will have to save face… the Russians are probably not going to attack do to extreme humanitarian Efforts this Is crisis also the Financially broken the Russians cannot afford the Ukrainians… Taking over Ukraine Will lead to feeding and humanitarian efforts for the Ukrainians Ukrainians being that they’ll be under a new government… So this is a loose loose for the Russians to attack the Ukraine…

White House Says Russia Planning ‘False Flag’ Operation as Pretext for Invading Ukraine

Really Warnings ⚠️ All Hell would break loose….

One thought on “Why World War III will brake out all over if Russia attacks Ukraine

  1. I think it’ll be more like Korea. A NATO politically correct war on the Allied side and all-out on the Russian side. The Ukraine will be of mixed opinion.

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