The crazy Mad Hatter

We’re all mad here…

 “mad as a hatter”

Mad as a A wasps looking to sting

Felling no shame for the common sense of it all

Feedback on what is up next

heard some things about it was not cool

Now I play the fool again

Like Mad at the facts

Feelings of rage against this situation

Inhabiting your mind

Now damaged perhaps broken

Rage against the times

They have their power

We are the powerless

We are dumb down into a denial mode

Shameful as it is

They have all the control

Again we are their products

As long as they control over your mind

Tearing me up inside

Feelings of regret now maddening

Or no all the things that I miss my most

I’d have to say it’s my mind

So set up the mad hatter

Time again late to a important date


Copyright 2022 ©️

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