Why have not been able to hike

Hiking with dogs in nature did a great night hike Blessings be on your Day hope your family is doing well blessings be on you and yours, Sunny Jack and Brutus injoy the night hiking Happy trails 👣

Still going on smaller hikes just taken a week off researching and finding evidence of a family of Sasquatch maybe some bigfoots with baby’s and perhaps even a teen 6ft Bigfoot with family the sizes are 7.5 feet tall father of the family the baby size of a 13 or 14 year old human, mother Bigfoot is not been seen under investigation and researched evidence of their existence so stay tuned for more information about the happening best known fact seen the family hugging trees black fur glossy look shiny like a skunks fur the smells of musty funckyness in the air hearing noises in the woods looking for whatever made the noise seen the first sighting of the Bigfoot family stay tuned for more information about my finding… This is quite a mystery….

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