Moon Knight

Khonshu closing in on Steven Grant.
Marvel Studios

Before Marvel fully committed to building out its cinematic universe with an overarching narrative and a series of cameos meant to keep audiences coming back with the promise of deeper character development down the line, the studio found success by reframing how we saw the original Avengers. Though Moon Knight is the latest in Disney Plus’ current wave of superhero shows, it often feels like a throwback to Marvel’s classic approach to reworking lower profile comic book characters into household names meant to become key players within a larger cinematic universe…

Moon Knight 🌙

That relative change of pace is one of the things that Moon Knight has going for it compared to some of Marvel’s other recent series that tend to make more sense the more of the MCU you’ve consumed. But Moon Knight’s also a foray into the fraught world of character studies where bold acting and directorial choices jump out in ways that underline how easy it is for comic book adaptations to go sideways when they get too caught up in their own headiness… More about this article in the link below…

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