Review of Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Hey dudes, welcome to my web Blog topic today was Moon Knight very exciting Tv show plot needs more work than what was done but I liked this show. I don’t want to ruin the show for everyone bur it lives up to a refined Avengers type tv show putting together different sites and seens leds off to dreaming reality It starts with a long haired man in chair in front of a dark cloth with a glass on it he then poured the water into the glass puts his fingers in the water and making the crystal making a sound on the rim of the glass as he is drinking what looks like water and takes and folds the cloth hold the glass under the cloth and with his magical cane and smashes it in a dark cloth then he placed it in his Sandals put them on and walk out to street and then he wakes and starts his day okay im leave it there great storyline but not much of a plot they leave things out, I guess more to come great time watching it… Leave you suspended up in the air waiting for the next series to come out Hopefully this will be a lot of seasons really enjoyed the show…

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