Painting The innocent

Man slamming hand down in anger 😠

Oh pity me oh pity me I am of unclean stature at your pity me oh pity me

Innocent beside me as I blister in the sun and blossom into canava my paint spills out of your brushes

You start to form things that look familiar Maybe a farmhouse maybe a silhouetto of a man

But something innocent besides inside of you

Reaching for gold but not making any

Looking for answers but not finding any

The innocent is lost and never found

Dashed memories of innocence in the sun blistered Innocent Of the forgotten

Innocent is rotted away as new life blossoming flowers blossomed from your ground

Innocence is lost to the ground thoughts of gray give way to blue as the innocence lives with in you

Slam bang Poetry 💪 By Ben

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