What I hike and why do I hike

500 + 1200 – 288.2 = 1411.8 miles hiked, Best daily hike 20k, I use a step tracker in application Level 9 the best

Hi there, Welcome to my website and nature blog hope you enjoy my time with my friends and dogs Sunny Jack and Brutus dog hope you enjoy my website Here I’m not the Smartest person but I do know alot about nature and natural happiness hope your life is filled with love and happiness in your life you never know what you want till it’s to late but you simply seem to settle for what you got me I’m not listening to that I’m make my dreams come true before my eyes… I have survived and tested wetlands areas for 3 years now hikeing almost every single day but not long-distance hikes I love to do further walks bur but families come first Always… But of course I digress I know my limits and I go by what I know, I usually hike about 15 to 20 miles a week… Try to stay within my comfort zone Hiking is always been a thrilling habit… I love the excitement of not knowing what’s ahead also every turn can turn into an accident so be careful…. You must know your INS and outs and know the trails like the back of your hands don’t get lost… Always explore… You must love animals and the existence of animals that might just kill you on the trail, Be Be the courteous and kind to those that are coming around and make sure you clean up properly after yourself Do not leave Do not leave trash behind, Even if you see somebody else’s trash always consider cleaning it and picking up other people’s trash because if they didn’t do it well enough do not cry just do it, Always say hello and small talk be on you best Attitude Be polite people like it when you’re polite… Always leave nature as you found it…

The U.S. Department of Agriculture debuts Woodsy Owl in Washington, D.C. in 1971. His signature motto then was “Give a hoot; don’t pollute!”

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