This is not a city park

Close park keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your dog

Keep the animals in the park

Lock out the rif raft

keep off grass

No glass bottles

Don’t feed the animals

Watching the Turtles

Looking at nature

Read the signs

Signs of the times

What is the times

Turtle’s can withdraw within

Hides from the real world

The turtle swims away

The Goose make loud sound

As the Goose flys over the water and is found

Despite the hard shell The turtle sticks out his neck It’s too far

Unwisely exposing his neck

Not afraid of His surroundings

The Turtle’s on the corner

Chat about the Turtle’s that sticks there neck out unwisely

It definitely be nice to have a shell you can withdraw within but something about the ones that sticks there neck out to far unwisely I would do the same but we have no shell so we are more like the ones that stick there neck out unwisely to far

Hike with the turtles, And see the world paused…

Copyright 2022 ©️

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