What we believe and what we see are not the same seeing is believing but if you don’t believe what your seeing did you see it or are you having some kind of flash Back from a other life or something you can’t even begin to explain they are your minds eye playing tricks on you strange things happen Beyond the outer limits Of your conscience In a Twilight Zone of mist in then dings in misery a misery and denial Of your own humanity loss it’s lost in time Drifting further from reality…

Story 1: Roadkill USA

Story starts with a Truckers truck stop the family inters the Truck stop doing what usually people do when they stop at a local Convenience Store station the key thing is its a Truckers stop over pay to shower and then eat and go through well the family thinking its a 7-11 or something as go up and down the Aisles touching everything and the Souvenirs of ww2, The oldest young boy decides to get a bumper sticker that says Roadkill is all over Texas the kid was a gas about it family unaware of the road Truckers listening to them as they are loud bunch the family as the mother comes out with a rudeness she looks at the Truckers and make a statement about white trash as the Truckers stop and trun to look at her she tells her husband less go im getting a creepy vibe creeps me out as The Truckers look on and looked giving nods to each other as they look on in amazement just then the rest of the kids come out the bathroom and then he wakes out to his surroundings lovely the hole place is staring at him and the family thinking i better pay for the goods and services that we used so we can get on are way as the kids are Screaming and yelling I want this I want that..

Part 2 Roadkill The drive home

The Truckers look on as the family pays for the gas and their goods and services the husband leaves the change he was so scared he left a 100 Dollars on the Truckers bar as they’re leaving the Truckers stop 8 Truckers get up and down to their Trucks to follow the family… The family unaware of the situation that unfolding before them the young boy decides to put the sticker on the bumper of the car as they load up in the car they begin to leave the Truckers Trucks stop the Truckers are on the C.B Radio on Channel 23 chatting about the family thinking its okay to go in a Truckers truck stop and talk about us like that we have to teach them a little lesson about saying poor white trash “Big sxy Hank” Thats a big 10 4 good buddies I’m sure teach them how white trash do… “Dixie Dude” I’m sick of people like her and that family that was way out of line hey “Mo Money” 10 4 as they’re leaving the Truckers stop Truckers get up to the family boxing them in on the road the young boy decides to unroll the window down and fliped the middle finger at the Truckers and make funny faces as the Truckers box the family in Trucks on every side the Truckers driving perfectly and the husband not so good as he tryed to slow down as the Truckers did not let him boxing the car in the family thinking they were going to be murder started to freak out and praying for help the Truckers pissed off and not letting him stop just then on the C.B Radio on Channel 23 “The real Jesus” what would Jesus do just then the Truckers stop and let’s them out as The family drives off down the road…

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