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Wheat crisis Russia has become increasingly aware

The Wheat crisis Russia has become increasingly aware of down falls in the world using crisis against us gearing up for a world war against humanity killing millions… Yemen War torn without food and they are Starving without food… The war pigs that run the world as a game to them playing with your life as we are Starving they eat Russia Caviar Steak prime rib And lobster the size of a turkey… As millions die in the street with starvation at as slums become worse and makes it even worse in the war torn yeman streets, So no longer are Russians killing Ukrainians only the Ukrainians only they are also killing people around the world starvating them out…. This is wrong WW3 coming from humanity efforts as we are falling into a trap the money funnel usa money on tap are we that asleep When will we wake-up we are slaves they are the owners they most definitely live…

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