They most definitely live!!!

They live part two coming soon to your house maybe they been here all along working with us as we sleep they prosper They are categorizing us They are using our planet as there playground for their own agendas we are their products… We are dumb down into a sleep state Getting further and further from reality As They live amongst us as we sleep they use 5G and 6G waves are cooking are body insides like mushy organs and call it covid-19 the world domination is their goals and they are now planning a new pandemic no food starving billions of people to death Russia war on humanity… We are their cattle and we are being Stripped of human rights they want you to believe that its in your best interests and that it will become the new normal system Canceled society those who are running us using us as slaves to their agendas and amusement laughing at you as they point out your wrongs labeling you as a product fit for sale the mind is a trouble thing to loose, wake-up call among the living Russia, China south seas warning signs of things to come great trouble ahead minds eye 👁 fortunate enough seen much pain and billions death with mega deaths mindless thrashing around fraying Sanity the satisfaction of ramifications of life…

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