This is not a city park

Close park keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your dog Keep the animals in the park Lock out the rif raft keep off grass No glass bottles Don’t feed the animals Watching the Turtles Looking at nature Read the signs Signs of the times What is the times Turtle’s can withdraw […]

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Lost but always found

Oh Excuse me did I break your concentration Well maybe it needed to be broken Is found at sea Like two freight ships in the night Finding their way in the darkness as they are flight Lost but always found Drifting further into the blackness of the night Perhaps Crossing each other Perhaps side-by-side never […]

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What I hike and why do I hike

Hi there, Welcome to my website and nature blog hope you enjoy my time with my friends and dogs Sunny Jack and Brutus dog hope you enjoy my website Here I’m not the Smartest person but I do know alot about nature and natural happiness hope your life is filled with love and happiness in […]

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