Nature night hiking with friends

Hello everyone And thanks for joining us today Blessings be on your wellbeing and HappyNess hiking with dogs in nature Today was extraordinary good outdoors experience open trails fresh breezes feeling great about the hike really relaxing hike nice night camping spot at Grapevine Lake cooked out some chicken and bacon delicious brown Sugar Is barbecue sauce and whisky… So yummy Bacon perfectly cook with brown Sugar BBQ sauce and whisky enjoy the flavor of the food used 3 Different types of hardwoods Mesquite, Cedar, and Post oak, delicious Smokey flavor diped the bacon in brown sugar and rapid the chicken pieces then BBQ sauce and then whisky, was a great fun weather was mildly warm 87 and high humidity 89 % with high winds 25 to 35 miles per hour hiked about 2 miles to a lake side cook out with friends, Sides made some 15 bean soup and bacon delicious and She knows stuffing like stove top but cheaper brand… Great fun nature trip hiking with dog Brutus and Sonnie Jack took the day off hope that everyone is doing well and blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking… Oh yeah My friend had a bad Seizure But we got him out of it and he took his pills… Is total freak out… I can’t say much because I’ve had a moment where I can turn everything turns red and I go into a rage and I do not know exactly what I’m doing or where am I at or who is around me It could be a really scary moment having a seizure…. He took his pill we had to call the night early early ended up getting him home around 1:30 AM… He pretty much fell on the floor and started kicking and laying his arms back-and-forth I’m stuck in 4th asking us who we were why am I here what’s going on really freaks you out…

In life if you dont get what you want and till it’s to late, you don’t know what you got till its gone… Ben

Love “why” love, Love makes you happier, then HATE… good thoughts by Ben

Well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails…πŸ‘£

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