Hiking with friends and dogs in nature

Day One… Day before yesterday

Riverside Trinity river the elm forks Wetlands area excellent experience lots of birds Mockingbirds and Red Northern cardinals, Red Robins, Cow Egrets or snow cow Egrets, Blue herons, Snakes Two Cottonmouths….blessings be

Hiking with dogs in nature yesterday hike 2.5 was very hot outside with high uv was very high the winds at 5 to 6 low winds extreme heat exhaustion gave up 2.5 was post to get 2.68 didn’t take breaks as much as i should have been given realistically strategies for Surviving is more than making a decision should we proceed on or be safe and brake relaxing in shade of a tree long exposure to the sun in a uv day can make you sick goodness gracious great balls of poop… 💩 I’m rambling on good outdoors hiking feeling great about the trees and canopy…

The Last time a red Dusk

Day Two… yesterday

Howdy pilgrim’s, Welcome back to nature Spiritually inlighten your life hiking with dogs in nature…

Hiking the Northshore trails Flower Mound Texas Northshore hiking trails rocky beautiful Cliffside great hike hope your Day was great…

Today was extraordinary good outdoors experience open trails fresh breezes extremely humid Outside 66% with low winds 3 to 6 miles per hour hiked 2.68 weather was hottest its been 100 feels like 107 and took breaks in the shade of the trees and canopy if trees took 3 breaks and used it for hydrating with spring water I usually bring 78.9 ounces of water or 2.333 liters of freshwater, keep hydrated if you get dizzy take time out to get yourself out safely keep in mind hiking with dogs breaks are necessary for your companion to take a break please don’t hesitate to just take a break dizziness my be from lack of oxygen or your blacking out however you be the judge of your life be smart take breaks and keep in good shape if you start to not sweat something maybe really wrong be safe keep hydrated and your electrolytes up pack light backpacks keep Your weight down to 40 ti 60 pounds… I bring water canteen and 1st aid kit, really sharp knife A Bowie knife or a fisherman’s knife Survival kit’s food dry and or wet lightweight things like flintlock one shot or 22 two shots safely first, 2 meals ready to eat Bacon and beef brisket jerky bbq, homemade peanut butter with Flux bread fresh tasty Carmel butter salty, Yummiest good raw honey Garlic cloves small fish kit, water testing kits, One Water purification Kit with pills, A monoculars and tripods for viewing animals from far away, A dog’s safety kit I made has water bowl and treats for the dog two Ounces of dry food poopsie bag’s and extra bags for hanging out of backpack yes you have to carry the poop to the proper decision that means take it or ticket don’t leave poop on trails that’s not kewl so don’t be a problem Solve the problem by making sure you clean up your pet’s mess Here are some pictures enjoy there’s a pictures of my journeys enjoy blessings be on you in God’s name and blessed be a man,

You’ll always have to use these things just happen To be with us just in case for emergency use Is only,

Here are a few pictures of the journeys through nature please make comments about your time in nature Today Blessings be on your wellbeing and HappyNess hiking with dogs and fiends…

Well here pilgrim its that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails 👣

Psalms 69:1
“(To the chief Musician upon Shoshannim, A Psalm of David.) Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul.”

King James Version (KJV)

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