Definitely Missing something… One day Hiking 4.7 miles

Still hiking just not Blogging the experience No matter wherever you think you know you don’t the more than you know the less you know want to believe that is what they want I’ve been Abducted for the 2nd time Is this time… I came down a corridor I was floating in mid air and my body was flat like I was on a gurney Absolutely groggy and lost… I was placed in a white room With shiny white lights Hearing sounds and seeing the minds Thoughts As you read the words they were coming into mif they were coming into my mind as they was moving, Us some form of telepathy was being used but i was able to process what was done and what had happened but couldn’t find my phone was in my hand this was so scared feeling how did the phone get in my hands wake-up thoughts in mind as my eys open I see im on the road side and my passenger side door Was open and not having a clue how I was brought there last… I remember what was doing I was sitting in my room looking out the window… Is washing images of What had just it occurred as flashing beams of light traveling through spaceTime Quantums… “Did I black out”

Hello’s Dear Friends

Nature makes me feel so Happy trails

Convincing myself this might be a dream going down to nothing As particles As I begin to depart from this Earth going to the mothership.. Meep Mrerp…

Sincerely yours Duke of Benjamin

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