Are We all living in the Matrix

No, really. Lets ask what is reality As They want you to believe that this is all reality but what is reality and why are we controlled by it? The real world, real life, actuality, truth, physical existence, corporeality, substantiality, materiality But what if that’s what we believe is reality As They want you to […]

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Warning Don’t poke the Panda

CHINA CPP NEW WORLD AGENDA Is world domination… Let’s Imagine the worst nightmare that the United States could ever have and now lets make that 10 times worse…. This is the new order of CHINA CPP NEW WORLD agendas the richest nation in the world sweeping the virus Under the world’s rug killing Billions with […]

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China kills Holiday season 😢

Shipping nightmare is China plan crisis… They lie and cheat and steal their technology is just as corrupt as their products We all know that China makes throw away next-gen technology as usa built strong real story behind this conspiracy theorie is China planning more Disasters we are being overrun By China CPP New world […]

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Global economy crisis

What’s up next in the near Horizon new oil crisis power crisis human life crisis where is your soul and how long will it take when we can get by with out fossil fuels climate crisis and the world used the back up lies on your wellbeing remember they have the control they are your […]

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The Invisible war

Did China make A Plandemic New INFO out of China… Are you the experiment was China’s intended to Make the Covid-19 AMERICAN novelty virus Novelty the word used at The beginning Okay the word Novelty is Definitions from Oxford  noun 1. The quality of being new, original, or unusual.”the novelty offered by the old road has […]

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Is w.h.o and why are they covering up their mess and is China the their biggest backers

The Communist goals have become Obvious and the world as seen they are not are friends they are out to kill Americans, Australians, Britain, Italians, Germans, Japanese, And other country’s citizens with their hate and Propaganda that are hidden war, hidden war Also hidden secret war A-war against you me everybody…. Thats The CCP party […]

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Weather modification

China CPP is working on the most powerful weapon A weather Manipulation controller… IT’s the one thing we can do little about except put on some sunglasses when it’s sunny and grab an umbrella when it’s wet. But China is not taking the weather lying down and instead is expanding a “weather-modification programme”. What is […]

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Survivors Recount the Horrors of Ohio’s Covid FEMA Camps | Scene and Heard: Scene’s News Blog

Gov. Mike DeWine was getting bombarded with worried calls. A flurry of internet rumors had set the Republican faithful aflame. Ohio, along with the federal government, had supposedly set up secret “FEMA camps” to enforce Covid quarantines, with the draconian goal of instilling thoughtfulness toward others.So last week, the governor took to the podium to […]

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Top Controversial stories of 2020

Trump saying is just a Chinese virus… President Trump responds to a question about whether calling the coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’ is racist. He says it isn’t, because it came from China. Is it Just A China virus turned to a worldwide pandemic with 2.1 million people who died… China lied and kills millions worldwide… […]

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