Top Controversial stories of 2020

Trump saying is just a Chinese virus… President Trump responds to a question about whether calling the coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’ is racist. He says it isn’t, because it came from China. Is it Just A China virus turned to a worldwide pandemic with 2.1 million people who died… China lied and kills millions worldwide… […]

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Operational Considerations for Humanitarian Settings

Coronavirus Disease MENU MORE RESOURCES Operational Considerations for Humanitarian Settings Updated July 26, 2020 This document presents considerations from the perspective of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for implementing the shielding approach in humanitarian settings as outlined in guidance documents focused on camps, displaced populations and low-resource settings.1,2  This approach has never […]

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The Communist are coming

Democrats have been Hired by the Hollywood, Zionist mysticism Kabbalah… Or some kind of Communists agendas unfolding before us… can the fooled be fooled again Be prepared for Government closures coming soon, New pandemic rules of the normal also NEW Civil War, Warnings TaxCut gone government jump the gun Policies, Dreamers act, Allowing muslims to […]

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Tell me who’s watching who???

Is it true before you run 🏃‍♂️ and try to hide with waves and waves of viruses sick 😷 affecting millions around the world Conspiracy theories come true before your eyes could be false propaganda wars waging war on your well-being rule your every moment be the way things are going we must believe that […]

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CIA clamps down on flow of Russia intelligence to White House – POLITICO

Critics of the shift in approach say it seems designed to appease the president. By NATASHA BERTRAND and DANIEL LIPPMAN 09/23/2020 04:30 AM EDT Updated: 09/23/2020 10:26 AM EDT The CIA has made it harder for intelligence about Russia to reach the White House, stoking fears among current and former officials that information is being suppressed to please a […]

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Radar Shows ‘China Using Weather Control To Manipulate And Change Direction Of Typhoon’ – BroBible

The heartbreaking images of the Bahamas being obliterated by former catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane Dorian are difficult to look at. People want to try to diminish hurricanes and typhoons so that entire islands are not destroyed. But is there already secret technology being used to control or manipulate the weather? A wild conspiracy theory suggests that China […]

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Time we wake-up

They are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery. The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. We could be pets, we […]

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