Took Place on a Hike

Getting out of mud if all tires are in the mud in the woods with no power on phones and the rations Supplies are low For none And They are used up and you just got done with a 6 mile hike Trying frist To avoid mud and the muddy routes but if rain comes […]

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Hiking with dogs in nature

Welcome be happy don’t worry be happy thank you for visiting my websites and Vblogs… Blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with nature it feels like Bliss roughing you up also makes you stronger and achieve your goals, you have becoming what you want in your life hiking with dogs […]

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Far From The Internet, Thomas Dambo’s Benevolent Trolls Lure Humans To Nature : NPR

Troll-hunter alert in Boothbay, Maine: This summer, five ginormous monsters are taking up residence at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, courtesy of artist Thomas Dambo. These gentle giants are the newest additions to his tribe of dozens of trolls now inhabiting mountains, forests and parks around the world, from China to Puerto Rico. Think Where […]

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Hiking with dogs lakeside

Thank you for visiting my website Peacefulness and rejoice may be with you… Beautiful Sunny day Did a great hike 3 mile hike clears up your mind helps get your mind straight without spending a ton of money 💰, Hiking Walnut Grove Trails and beaches also with small wildlife nature trails Awesome tracks of all […]

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Hiking with dogs in nature

Hiking concrete hiking pathways do to Muddy trails the river water is at 32.8 ft’! and it Floods at 34.8 ft’ Close to flooding here are some of my Photos Hiking riverside Bird’s Fort Trail Park Irving Texas feeling good breathing deep clear and Hiking to feel good feeling great about it…

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