They most definitely live!!!

They live part two coming soon to your house maybe they been here all along working with us as we sleep they prosper They are categorizing us They are using our planet as there playground for their own agendas we are their products… We are dumb down into a sleep state Getting further and further […]

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Facts check

THE TRUTH IS SCARRY The Wheat crisis Russia has become increasingly aware of down falls in the world using crisis against us gearing up for a world war against humanity killing millions… Yemen War torn without food and they are Starving without food… The war pigs that run the world as a game to them […]

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Everybody hates Chris

I don’t know if this was real or staged a joke is a joke but Assault is still a Assault It is shameless what happen on the Oscar’s Willard Carroll Smith aka Will Smith Assault Chris Rock maybe just show why you ask look how he Leans into the hit to Brace for the impact […]

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Brother war is hell

Brothers and sisters we are from the same family 👪 I feel saddened and now lets see how 🤔 this can trun on Russia a thorn in Russians side this is family fight its a trap… This is Absolutely mad I feel Putin has stepped over the line… the Cat being the NATO and the […]

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Watch “Taliban Turns Insurgents Into Commandos As It Builds ‘Fully Capable’ Army” on YouTube

This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into this time Mcfly Joe Biden mistakes numerous F*ck ups… Now I ask you why did you leave your Basement Mr President.. Are we heading for a collapse in the US and around the globe? How could that not be happening under these present conditions? 

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Laughing is a good thing

Laughing can break the tension In the room You can laugh either at somebody or you can laugh with somebody no laughing at somebody is inappropriate and very unacceptable behavior… But laughing with them as you’re both laughing at something that is occurring either in a movie or some kind of video or Experiencing something […]

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They live amongst us

Obviously there’s no way we all can be fooled again Be Married and produce, Obey, consume be Marry and reproduce, conform, Watch T.V, Follow orders don’t ask Questions you can’t fully handle the answers, Truth is we need to be lied to we can’t even begin to understand why but they control over Media and […]

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