Late for the Date

Running around in a mad rant. Like some kind of chicken with his head cut off. Now pissed off. Taking a angry shower he is still Mad, Now ready for the Date. See the Frightening of the Date,I think he’s angry at the weight. He finds it hard to see the stone,Overshadowed by the Tree […]

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This is not a city park

Close park keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your dog Keep the animals in the park Lock out the rif raft keep off grass No glass bottles Don’t feed the animals Watching the Turtles Looking at nature Read the signs Signs of the times What is the times Turtle’s can withdraw […]

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Slam Poetry bang

Trust me its not that easy Life living in regents What’s your major malfunction Wait what do you feel like your life is better than my life Life matters as much as yours Feeling pains in my life Pity trips pity me oh pity me I am all pitiful Waking me now Worried Pain Creeping […]

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The crazy Mad Hatter

 “mad as a hatter” Mad as a A wasps looking to sting Felling no shame for the common sense of it all Feedback on what is up next heard some things about it was not cool Now I play the fool again Like Mad at the facts Feelings of rage against this situation Inhabiting your […]

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Hiking with dogs in nature

Hello and Blessings be on your wellbeing… Great gorgeous day but extremely muddy trails didn’t get that far hiked 2.1 miles made the most of the trip hiking with dogs in nature Today was mildly warmer than expected it was 47 Degrees with low winds at 8 to 14 gusting feels like 37 not as […]

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Nature Hiking with dogs in nature

Howdy pilgrims and welcome back to nature Spiritual uplifting feeling from Hiking with nature feels like Bliss roughing you up makes you stronger… Blessings be on your wellbeing and HappyNess hiking with dogs in nature… Today was a great hike with dogs Brutus and Sonnie Jack we got 3.2 was chilly outside weather was colder […]

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The Colors purple

On The Darkness thistle is on the lights deeply purple and cuped in nature Now purple has a the voice you heard just then it’s that thistles glimpses in the darkness Now laid back down to the ground thoughts of purple thistle the color of purple deepest color of the color Is A secondary color […]

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Nature Hiking with dogs in nature

Howdy partner, Welcome back to nature Spiritually inlighten your life hiking with dogs in nature… Blessings be on your wellbeing and HappyNess hiking with dogs in nature… Today was good mildly hot at 74 with low winds at 5 to 7 miles per hour hiked 2.6 miles great time Dogs injoy the hiking as well…Here […]

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Quotes for the weekend

Poem written by the English writer Alexander Pope (1688–1744), published in 1711. It is the source of the famous quotations… “To err is human; to forgive, divine”, “A little learning is a dang’rous thing” By Alexander Pope one of the most epigrammatic of all English authors. (frequently misquoted as “A little knowledge is a dang’rous […]

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Poetry reading

Peter Capaldi recites Dylan Thomas’ “And Death Shall Have No Dominion” as part of the BBC’s adaptation of Denise Mina’s “Field of Blood” (2011) Dead mean naked they shall be one With the man in the wind and the west moon; When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone, They shall have […]

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Poetry of the day

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night By Dylan Thomas more Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night reading… Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rage at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark […]

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