Short story

You wake in a Dark room its black you want to move But your not able to process your mind starts to race as you try To talk and your lips move but you don’t hear yourself you yell but no sounds are heard you start to sweat out every part of your body you […]

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I need sponsorship

Please Take the time to consider sponsoring my journeys through nature please help nature out give a hoot and don’t trash the woods don’t mess with Mother Nature I need volunteers to help clean and clean up before you leave don’t leave your trash 😉 if you like to sponsor my endeavors… Your gift will […]

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Freedom False flags

Are you free lets ask what is freedom and how can you be free Are freedoms of amendments they take your rights away from you They’re stripping the 2nd amendments is this A false flag to run gun control And other agendas the GOP or the left wing Radicali who watches who freedom of rights […]

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Going on the road need funds

Howdy partner welcome to my story behind this conspiracy theories that become true and true before us even as we speak about this they have their agendas and we are being overrun By out of town visitors are increasingly curious about what happenstance on in nature’s trails and parks im in need for a sponsors of my journeys […]

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More About me and Aspie

More Human then Human being as a child who had to have his own way I never do as I was told I’d make a fit and then break things around me smashing and breaking down holes in wall madness not only is I do things because they told me that I can’t for instance […]

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Are we alone They live!

They are the Elite they are the people involved with the shape shifters from The Annunaki The real DNA of human beings have been Achieved cloning of consciousness in a sub religion of the beast for the drak o serpentine human beings running into some sort of war with goodness over power of the world […]

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They Live among us

In the beginning goodness over power the evil of all men’s sins over the course of time evil has grown stronger than ever before they use you as they live high-and-mighty eating steak, lobster, Caviar… We are dumb down into a sleep state Getting further and further from reality As They live amongst us as […]

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FAA gives approval for company to use swarms of drones to reforest burned areas – Wildfire Today

DroneSeed, a company that uses fleets of drones to reforest areas burned in wildfires, received approval in October from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its heavy-lift drones to operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and to expand its use of heavy-lift drone swarms to California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. They […]

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