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Overview LyricsThieves, thieves and liars, murderersHypocrites and bastardsIn laughter (Get up!)Hey, thanks for nothing!Morals in the dust (morals in the dust)Two-faced (two-faced) bastards and sycophantsNo trustDrag onThieves! Liars!Thieves! Liars!Thieves! Liars!Thieves! Liars!Inside, outside, which side, you don’t knowMy side, your side, their side, we don’t knowWhich side are they? Which side are they?Which side of their […]

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Late for the Date

Running around in a mad rant. Like some kind of chicken with his head cut off. Now pissed off. Taking a angry shower he is still Mad, Now ready for the Date. See the Frightening of the Date,I think he’s angry at the weight. He finds it hard to see the stone,Overshadowed by the Tree […]

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Lost but always found

Oh Excuse me did I break your concentration Well maybe it needed to be broken Is found at sea Like two freight ships in the night Finding their way in the darkness as they are flight Lost but always found Drifting further into the blackness of the night Perhaps Crossing each other Perhaps side-by-side never […]

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