Lost but always found

Oh Excuse me did I break your concentration Well maybe it needed to be broken Is found at sea Like two freight ships in the night Finding their way in the darkness as they are flight Lost but always found Drifting further into the blackness of the night Perhaps Crossing each other Perhaps side-by-side never […]

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Painting The innocent

Oh pity me oh pity me I am of unclean stature at your pity me oh pity me Innocent beside me as I blister in the sun and blossom into canava my paint spills out of your brushes You start to form things that look familiar Maybe a farmhouse maybe a silhouetto of a man […]

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The Raindrops Keep Fallin

See the Rainbow in the sky Don’t you wish you could fly high as the rainbow in the sky But you are rooted to the ground I am just like a hound dog tied up-down to the ground Remember that rainbow in the sky Earth is my heart and sunshine is my soul as nature […]

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Slam Poetry bang

Trust me its not that easy Life living in regents What’s your major malfunction Wait what do you feel like your life is better than my life Life matters as much as yours Feeling pains in my life Pity trips pity me oh pity me I am all pitiful Waking me now Worried Pain Creeping […]

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The crazy Mad Hatter

 “mad as a hatter” Mad as a A wasps looking to sting Felling no shame for the common sense of it all Feedback on what is up next heard some things about it was not cool Now I play the fool again Like Mad at the facts Feelings of rage against this situation Inhabiting your […]

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