The Mandarin Duck

The Mandarin Duck lives on the canal in Bude, Cornwall. It lives among regular ducks, eating birds food all day. It was amazing to see it for the first time. It was actually pointed out by a local at first. At first I was convinced it was a fake or camera. Find me on: Instagram, […]

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McDonald’s Adds a Taco Bell Favorite to Its Menu | TheStreet

McDonald’s Go’s Tex-mex with “The amazing Tex-Mex flavor comes to our restaurants with the incredible Grand McExtreme Nachos: delicious sauce of cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, double meat, and nachos inside the burger,” Read more about this article in the link below… If you ask me they better stay in burgers There’s plenty of Mexican restaurants […]

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Laughing is a good thing

Laughing can break the tension In the room You can laugh either at somebody or you can laugh with somebody no laughing at somebody is inappropriate and very unacceptable behavior… But laughing with them as you’re both laughing at something that is occurring either in a movie or some kind of video or Experiencing something […]

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They live amongst us

Obviously there’s no way we all can be fooled again Be Married and produce, Obey, consume be Marry and reproduce, conform, Watch T.V, Follow orders don’t ask Questions you can’t fully handle the answers, Truth is we need to be lied to we can’t even begin to understand why but they control over Media and […]

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The Foxx and the hole

Part Two of four short storys The Fox hole Baxter stay at edge of the hole and help the Smart bunny rabbit outside the hole The Foxx proclaims the Den is doomed Just then the Smart bunny rabbit tells the Foxx doomed by the human man about to plow the foxx hole hum we are […]

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In Memory of my Daughter

R.I.P Crystal Dear God, Watch over my Daughter in heaven… I can’t put in to words what I feel just spiritual uplift my heart god I have a blank spot where she left me alone with out hope lost in space wish to be near her I need to be close to her help me […]

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Short story

You wake in a Dark room its black you want to move But your not able to process your mind starts to race as you try To talk and your lips move but you don’t hear yourself you yell but no sounds are heard you start to sweat out every part of your body you […]

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I need sponsorship

Please Take the time to consider sponsoring my journeys through nature please help nature out give a hoot and don’t trash the woods don’t mess with Mother Nature I need volunteers to help clean and clean up before you leave don’t leave your trash 😉 if you like to sponsor my endeavors… Your gift will […]

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