Hiking with friends and dogs in nature

Hello My Friend’s And Welcome back to nature Spiritual uplifting feeling from Hiking with nature feels like Bliss roughing you up makes you stronger Today was extraordinary rough one heat index of 11 and temperatures were very high 97 at the start of the hike ended at 102 with index of 107 start to feel the effects of dehydration glad we had plenty of water to keep hydrated…

The wind’s was at 5 to 10 miles per hour hiked the Bob Jones Bluesteam trail Southlake Texas Had a great experience open trails fresh breezes extremely hot temperatures be careful when you’re getting dehydrated stop and get in shade hydrating with spring water plenty of water keep Electrolytes up with Salty snacks if you have any some other fast Electrolytes salt pills Electrolyte gums or any food that is salty beef brisket jerky bbq is the best way into nature smiles… Hope you enjoy my Photos from the journey Hiking today ran into some wildlife Bird’s mostly Sparrows and Mockingbirds, Beautiful Blue herons and Great Egrets, snow cow Egrets, one possum, some Red-tailed hawks, squirrels, Deers. Hopefully you injoy my journeys please give me some Comments about your time in nature…

Blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with dogs in nature Blessing be on your wellbeing remember good always beats evil and charm gets you everything…

Well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails 👣

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3 thoughts on “Hiking with friends and dogs in nature

    1. Nature Preserve Hiking one of my favorite things next to taking pictures 📸 its great 👍 portraits you make very excited what will RazDva going to post been extremely long time no matter i can just rambling on great work my friend no cap real talk 100 Deo…

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      1. my english is bad… i am not able to translate your answer properly. Although I know all the words, I can’t put them together correctly. It’s one of the reasons I use emoji🙂🙃

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