Sorry if I am bothering you

Life’s been crazy. My father passed away, and my mind has been off track for me. I’ve been lost but I’ve never had time for healing. It’s been hard for me to deal with everything that is causing stress and anxiety for me. Money is very tight, and my journeys through these days are very hard. No matter what I do, things in my life don’t make sense. Blessings be on your soul, enlighten your heart, let Jesus be your light before it’s too late, but definitely don’t get discouraged with your life. Get your mind straight without spending a lot of money, time, and effort. So saying it and doing it are two different things, and keeping them in mind is important. Dearest friends  I am saddened to say that my oldest dog passed away in February. Sonnie Jack was one of the best friends I ever had get sick with the dog virus. When dog flu hit this winter, I found him laying down in my gardens by the sunflowers of my dearly departed. Daughter planted in my gardens  I’m sure going to miss him, and my mind tried to make some sense of everything… Please give me comments about your experiences in the link below. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this situation that is unfolding before us…

RIP FATHER OF MINE AND DAUGHTER AND Sonnie Jack DOB 1997 dead Feb 29 2023 And MAX DOB 1994 dead Dec 30 20011
Meme By Ben Copyright ©️ Media rights reserved

Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails 👣

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