What we believe and what we see are not the same seeing is believing but if you don’t believe what your seeing did you see it or are you having some kind of flash Back from a other life or something you can’t even begin to explain they are your minds eye playing tricks on […]


Why am I

Imagine you are a new born and everyday you wake-up brand new that’s not it, Yourself as you’re look in the mirror at yourself who is this person who is looking back at me‽ You Wave as the opposite side waves back at you As You began to wonder how you really came to be […]

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The Foxx and the hole

Part Two of four short storys The Fox hole Baxter stay at edge of the hole and help the Smart bunny rabbit outside the hole The Foxx proclaims the Den is doomed Just then the Smart bunny rabbit tells the Foxx doomed by the human man about to plow the foxx hole hum we are […]

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The Foxx Story

The Foxx and the hole The Foxx and the hole Starts on a regular farm in the Midwest area the farmer don’t want the Foxx’s around in more so the farmer put foxx traps out and picks up the fox to dispose the Foxx carcassess The Fox know his hole family is missing and he […]

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Its The Bare Necessities

This one of my favorite movie shows the jungle book but check out this bear trying to get that place he can get too its worth the view its just funny…😄 😀 😆 😁 😉 👌 The Bare Necessities / Phil Harris Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries […]

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Short story

You wake in a Dark room its black you want to move But your not able to process your mind starts to race as you try To talk and your lips move but you don’t hear yourself you yell but no sounds are heard you start to sweat out every part of your body you […]

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More About me and Aspie

More Human then Human being as a child who had to have his own way I never do as I was told I’d make a fit and then break things around me smashing and breaking down holes in wall madness not only is I do things because they told me that I can’t for instance […]

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Took Place on a Hike

Getting out of mud if all tires are in the mud in the woods with no power on phones and the rations Supplies are low For none And They are used up and you just got done with a 6 mile hike Trying frist To avoid mud and the muddy routes but if rain comes […]

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